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Welcome To Hell

Death: The end of life…and beginning of a whole new something else. Welcome to Hell! Join Guy Spencer and Lori Ryan as they are ripped from the restful slumber of confined coffins to discover they are the newest cogs in the bureaucracy of Heaven and Hell. As two of the newest Soul Collectors, it is their forced task to sway the living into signing over their immortal souls to meet monthly quotas. Noncompliance leads to the Lake of Fire and permanent termination. Compliance leads to an eternity of monotonous collect and repeat…or does it? Redemption, resurrection, reincarnation, as the reanimated dead anything is possible.
The story of

R.B. Winters

From New York to Puerto Rico, R.B. Winters has shared stories of his life and the colorful parade of characters that keep things interesting. As he looks forward to the next chapter, he invites you to catch up on previous works, explore the new blog and look forward to future chapters.

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